Best friends MJ & Dani team up to host a podcast where crying, laughing hysterically and enjoying a cocktail is not only allowed, it’s mandatory. Cocktails and Cancer is an honest reflection of the three years that follow a cancer diagnosis. It’s about the journey back to being okay, and how a positive biopsy can impact not only the patient but the loved ones around them.


This podcast will inspire you to be present, live your life with a sense of urgency and take the time to bask in the awesomeness of your relationships and ours. Along the way, we hope to make the word cancer a little less terrifying!


Quick Sips

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We were blessed to talk about our podcast with these lovely ladies at The Today Show.

Join MJ and Dani each week for The Pour, High/Lows, Ring it In, The Heart To Say It and Quick Sips.


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